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Mellifluous:  a music tributes site, with playlists and in-depth analyses! Narratives: my City of Heroes characters Counterbalance:  Jessie & James (Pokemon) Good Ol' Ev!:  Evinrude (The Rescuers) Love You to the Moon:  Bing Bong (Inside Out) Lux Perpetua:  Dove (DC Comics 'Hawk and Dove' series) Something Good:  The Sound of Music (movie) Ephemera:  Clefairy (Pokemon) Inexhaustible Peace:  Helen Burns (Jane Eyre) Gifted:  Elsa (Frozen) The Impossible Dream:  Olaf (Frozen) Robin's Fave Video Games Robin's Fave Brit-TV Shows

helpful sites

Living Words:  6 Biblical selections that guide my faith practice. Unspend:  a new perspective on money, spending, and happiness College Knowledge:  real-world advice on surviving higher education Illuminate: my depression information site Declutter: my one-page inspiration for getting rid of junk Crooked Glasses: six days a week, six topics I love. Skies over Atlas:  City of Heroes The Gamer's Repose: Magic: the Gathering/HeroClix/Star Wars Minis


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