the visionary sphere network

larger blossoms

Tomorrow's Calling
how a fictional world reflects the beauty and tragedy of our society
Crooked Glasses
insightful articles and features from my perspective
a repository of original characters and memories from a lost world
Skies over Atlas
helpful articles and advice on exploring a fictional world now lost to us
The Gamer's Repose
introduction to my favorite tabletop games, plus some tips for the newbie gamer
the story of a well-balanced pair of characters losing hilariously and stealing the show
Lux Perpetua
a fictional woman proving that women can be both graceful and powerful
Something Good
a singing story that also warns us of the dangers of war, selfishness, and hatred
comparing mythical musical creatures of modern and ancient legend
a survivor's tales and advice that may help someone else treading a dark and lonely way
College Knowledge
also known as "the things school doesn't always teach you about adulting on your own"

smaller blooms

Inexhaustible Peace
how one minor character’s unshakable, ringing faith shaped the title character of a classic literary work
Good Ol' Ev!
about a humble hero doing what must be done to make the rest of the plot possible
Love You to the Moon
a poignant description of unconditional, selfless love in a fictional character
an exploration of my musical taste (and amateur playlist-making) with lots of interactive elements
a one-page site of funny and common-sense advice from a reforming hoarder
a single page detailing my new way of thinking about money and spending
Living Words
quotations I live by, with explanations when hovered over, and links to context
how a fictional character embodies the intense societal pressure exerted on gifted children

what real, active faith looks and acts like, embodied in a childlike character

the smallest buds

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